Victoria Beckham “has lent to 6.4 million pounds sterling to save the fashion industry after enormous losses”


The fashion industry, Victoria Beckham would have received a lifeline of 6.4 million pounds sterling after incurring “huge losses”.Last year, the chain of high-end fashion has lost 12.3 million pounds in 12 months because of a plateau of sales.

This week, the empire of Victoria would have been supported by an “investment agreement” private, revealed sources at The Sun, which will allow Posh to keep control of Victoria Beckham ltd.

A financial expert told the newspaper, ” desperate times require desperate measures “.

The company of Victoria would have been bailed out after suffering huge losses

The loss of Victoria Beckham Ltd rose 20% during the year following December 2018, had previously reported the Mirror.

Ralph Toledano, the president of the company, said that sales of its clothing and accessories had stayed the same over the period of time after years of growth.

In an interview with the trade publication The Business of Fashion, he said: “The performance was in line with expectations, so we have not been surprised. Our goal is to reach profitability as quickly as possible.

“I firmly believe that our destiny is in our hands. We have a great talent in Victoria and, if you take this asset with a dream-team, we can do it. “

Victoria and David Beckham pose ahead of her catwalk at Paris Fashion Week in January

The company of Victoria was fired in April of this year after having asked to use the leave program of the government to pay its staff, although it was worth about 350 million pounds sterling with her husband David.

She subsequently cancelled the decision to seek public funds after it sparked massive criticism.

In a statement given to the Guardian of Victoria, the clients were assured that the “well-being” of his team had for it.

Victoria has shared a photo of his home work during his retirement at Cotswold during the lockout

“At the beginning of the lock-out, the shareholders have agreed with the directorate general of put-off a small proportion of staff.

“At this stage, we did not know how long the lockout might last, nor its likely impact on the business.

“The well-being of my team and our company means everything to me. ”

Mirror Online has approached Victoria Beckham for a comment.


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