Victoria Beckham admits beloved dresses corset tight helped to hide his insecurity, paralyzing


Victoria Beckham has revealed how her dresses well-loved corset style adjusted, have been used as a tool of distraction to intelligent to hide his insecurity is paralyzing.The former Spice Girl made the admission as she discussed how her personal style has evolved over the years.

Posh, 46 years old, revealed that she has always felt she had something to prove and would the extreme curve-hugging and waist-cinching to try to show what she was comfortable with the place.

In an interview with the Guardian, she said: “I used to wear a lot of dresses structured with corsetry and I still have a few of these dresses.

Victoria and David Beckham arriving at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles for the MTV Movie Awards, 2003

Victoria – photographed at the Gala 2006 Met – said corsets “concealed his insecurity” to be famous

“ais, my personal style became more relaxed.

“With hindsight, I guess it was a sign of insecurity that I wore always clothes very tight, very fitted.

“My confidence has really increased as I have aged. I didn’t feel like they have something to prove now in how I dress.

Elsewhere in the candid interview, Victoria – who now runs his own fashion brand – has also admitted that she is sometimes “overwhelmed” by his work.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria rocks a corset true in 2010

Victoria admits that she has used fashion as a distraction when she was not feeling so confident

“arfois, I can be a bit overwhelmed.

“There are so many things to do, with the glasses, the beauty and all the rest,” she revealed.

Victoria, which is estimated to be 335 million euros with her husband David, has worked from home in the lock of his manor the Cotswolds.

She recently shared a snapshot of the operation of his business in his family kitchen rustic.

The style of Victoria is now much more relaxed, pictured here with her husband David

“it is warm weather work wardrobe at home! Shorts and slippers. The dream, ” said Victoria in the legend.

Old friend Emma Bunton piped in the comments: “Gorgeous lady” as she heaped praise on his colleague, a member of the group.

While the supermodel Poppy Delevingne has just written: “Legssssssssss. ”

The Spice Girl has also made a sensation on the social networks recently when his son Cruz, 15 years old, has shared a snapshot extremely rare smile on his face.

“Apparently, my mother smiles “, joked the girl.

The photo has quickly increased a lot of attention of the fans of the pout usually Posh.

Husband David even piped in the comments to share his shock at the image – and to make a comparison hilarious.

“how moms are white @VictoriaBeckham teeth? “” It’s Ross from Friends “, said David, followed by a series of émojis laughing.

Fans of friends may remember the episode classic, in which Ross Gellar leaves his dough teeth whitening too long before a date.

Fortunately, Victoria has seen the funny side as she liked the photo of his son on the social media site with more than 100,000 fans.


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