Velvet Dream Hit With New Allegations of Sexual Misconduct


Velvet Dream is back in the spotlight in the middle of the flood of #SpeakingOut allegations of sexual abuse, with new accusations against him. As you may recall from the Dream — real name Patrick Clark — earned the headlines after allegations that he sent sexually explicit photo to a minor, as well as having inappropriate communications with underage boys. Dream denied the news at the time, saying: “be assured that I do not have to communicate inappropriately with anyone. A photo of mine was shared without my consent or knowledge, and I am currently working with a third party to examine this issue.”The story more or less went away after that, but the Dream has been hit with new allegations of trying to groom underage boys. Josh Fuller posted on Twitter this evening, claiming that he had met with Dream right after he left Quite Difficult at an indie show when Fuller was 16 and she was 19. They would have been friends, but Fuller claims that Dream tried to keep their friendship a secret and that a year ago he tried to get more to “show off [his] ” of the body, including the lower part of his body, which Fuller declined.

Fuller recognizes that things never became directly sexual, but it says Dream promised to him in the WWE and corroborated more of the preceding claims accusations, stressing that this Dream“, has promised the same thing for these children, and sexually harassed them.”

In addition, another user has shared screenshots that are not based, but pretends like a Dream in which he incites the person in the discussion of sexuality and focuses on the need to keep the secret. In another screenshot, the person who claims to be the Dream said “[You’re] a little grown 2 15,” said the person is “nice”, and that he loves “a lot”. He adds, “Our relationship will be significant” after that the person asks for a follow-up to show it to his friends.

Dream Twitter, the account is active, but he has deleted all his tweets and has not yet responded to these allegations.


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