Velvet Dream Accused Of Being A Predator, As More And More Victims Emerge


The #SpeakingOut movement has brought more stories about the Velvet Dream. This adds to the previous account of inappropriate activity on Instagram.Two individuals are presented with stories of inappropriate communications with a Velvet Dream. Indie wrestler Ron Fuller stated that, Velvet Dreams sent lewd photos of young girls aging from 15 and 16 years old.

Dream was previously accused of sending nude photos through her Instagram DMs for minors. Dream also dropped an audio clip in these communications to further implicate himself.

Fuller alleged in these new allegations Velvet Dream is a “comb” and a “predator.” This caused him to take the opportunity to call him on the recent movement against such behaviour.

I have discussed the disclosure of this information for months now, but with all the world #SpeakingOut, I finally feel comfortable to do so. A part of me is still terrified by the disclosure of this.

Patrick Clark is a comb and a predator. I will post more proof below of this tweet.

Another person has come forward with screenshots claiming to show the Dream engaged in a NSFW conversation with a minor. You can find these screen shots below.

The WWE has stated that they take all accusations very seriously. Gentleman Jack Gallagher has even been published today in the wake of the charges against him. We’ll see what happens next with Velvet Dream.


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