Vancouver Hobbit House on King Edward Avenue for Sale


It is one of the most attractive homes in Vancouver, and now the “Hobbit House” on King Edward Avenue near Cambie Street is for sale.Located at 587 West King Edward Avenue and originally built in the 1930s, the “Storybook Cottage” – otherwise known as The James Residence – received an honorable heritage award from the City of Vancouver in 2017, in recognition of “the retention and reflection on the restoration of this unique residence of its kind”, indicates the listing.

According to the list, the house – which measures over 2,900 square feet – has an open plan main floor plan with 12 foot vaulted ceilings, as well as “spacious” main rooms, a gourmet kitchen and a master bedroom. luxury.

The lower level includes a family room, a multimedia room / gym with built-in wardrobes and eclipsed doors opening onto a patio, as well as 2 bedrooms.

So how much does it cost to own the Hobbit House? The property is listed at $ 2,698,000.

In 2017, Vancouver City Council approved a rezoning proposal to allow the preservation and restoration of the 84-year-old Vancouver Hobbit House.

The decision came after the property was sold the year before to a heritage-friendly developer, and at the time, fans of Heritage and Tolkien immediately feared it would be demolished.

Adjacent properties on the block were also purchased for the rezoning proposal to allow the plan to build a townhouse development that would include the Hobbit house.


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