US visitors should be banned from entering the EU | News from the world


Most American visitors are expected to remain barred from entering the European Union due to the country’s increasing infection rate, which may upset Donald Trump.In order to save the European tourist season, a list of 15 countries from which people should be allowed to enter the EU from July 1 has been approved by representatives of the 27 member states.

Travelers from China will be among those allowed to enter if Beijing does the same despite doubts about the accuracy of information from the country.

The other countries from which the EU agrees that travel should be allowed within the bloc are Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda , Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

Visitors from the United States, Russia, Brazil and India, where infection rates remain high, should be excluded despite initial arguments from some EU governments who would have liked to offer additional assistance to maintain the tourism industry afloat.

At the height of the pandemic in mid-March, the European Commission had informed member states that non-essential travel from outside the EU should not be allowed.

The list, which will be updated every two weeks, is for advisory purposes only and EU member states can deviate if they wish. But capitals were warned of the dangers if they followed their own path and increased the number of countries from which travel was allowed.

Although it left the EU on January 31, the UK has been treated as a member state because it is still part of the EU single market. But while Brussels insisted on coordinating with the British government, Downing Street was not involved in the EU’s internal deliberations and the bloc’s conclusions on who can go to the bloc are not legally binding.


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