US Marshals and DEA Search Raiders’ Childhood Home Lynn Bowden Agent’s Release Statement



Lynn Bowden’s agency Element Sports released a statement regarding the search that took place at her grandmother’s home today:

The key point here is: “At the end of the search, Lynn was released, was not arrested and was not charged with any crime. In fact, no arrests have been made. “

We will continue to update this story if more details come out today.

WKBN reports a developing story about the grandmother of former Kentucky Wildcats star Lynn Bowden in Youngstown, Ohio.

On Wednesday morning, US marshals and law enforcement officers searched the home while Bowden was present. He was photographed handcuffed on the porch with several others.

Although the home was reportedly owned by Bowden, Athletic Kyle Tucker reports that Bowden is not one of the 12 official residents of the homes, even though he grew up there and was present for that the marshals and the DEA were seen.

WKBN later reported that officers and police purchased drugs from the home and that “a number of loaded assault rifles and handguns” were seized. However, Bowden was not the one whose agents and police purchased the drugs.

Bowden’s mother, Melissa Phillips, also spoke on Twitter, saying that her son “was not arrested” and confirmed that the house was not hers.

Bowden was drafted with the 80th overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft by the Las Vegas Raiders after leading the SEC in a rush last season.


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