US $ 5M the value of marijuana seized at the Canada-US border


More than 1.5 tonnes of marijuana was discovered in a truck entering the United States, Canada, and America’s border crossing officials. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says the 1,517-kilogram stash was seized on June 13, from a truck that had tried to cross New York State from the south from Ontario, carrying 58 cardboard boxes, allegedly full of peat moss.

Authorities say the marijuana was likely to be sold on the streets of major cities on the East Coast of America, where they estimate it would have been worth US $ 5 million.

Gurpreet Singh, a 30-year-old man from India, was arrested at the border and facing charges of unlawfully importing marijuana and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute. If found guilty, he will face a mandatory 10-year prison sentence.

Authorities say another large bust pan was made eight days earlier, in the same Peace Bridge passage between eastern Ontario’s Niagara Region, in Buffalo, NY that the crisis would have been involved more than 800 kilograms of marijuana.

The June 13 seizure, which was announced Tuesday at a press conference was the largest ever by CBP officers in the Buffalo area, according to Rose Brophy, the agency’s director of the office. Buffalo.

Although the Canada-US border has been closed to all but most traffic since the month of March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, US officials say they have seen a slight increase in use illegal drug activity.

Even if the two big crises were not part of the equation, the weight of illicit drugs seized by border guards in the Buffalo region since the closure would be almost 20 times what it was at during the same period last year. Most of the drugs seized were marijuana.

“Criminal organizations are always continuing to exploit what they can,” CBP spokesman Aaron Bowker said at the press conference.

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