Urgent action is needed to prepare for “real risk” of second wave coronavirus, say UK health officials, News


Health officials calling for an urgent review to ensure Britain is properly prepared for the “real risk” of a second wave of coronavirus.

Ministers were warned that urgent action is needed to prevent further loss of life and to protect the economy amid growing fears of a winter recovery.

The call is supported by the presidents of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, Surgeons, GPs and care, as well as the president of the British Medical Association.

The main events of three months in solitary confinement

He follows the Prime Minister’s announcement of a reduction in the two-meter social distance from the rule, as he has given the green light for pubs, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers and barbers, in England, to reopening from July 4.

In an open letter to leaders of all UK political parties published in the British Medical Journal, health officials called for a “rapid foresight and assessment of readiness in the possibility of a new push.

“While the future of the pandemic in the UK is difficult to predict, the available data indicates that local authorities of the frequency of outbreaks are increasingly likely and a second wave of real risk, ” they said.

“Many elements of the infrastructure necessary to contain the virus are beginning to be put in place, but significant challenges remain.

“The job is not only to deal urgently with the wide range of consequences of the first phase of the pandemic, but to ensure that the country is well prepared to contain a second phase. “

cinema theater outside

How pubs and cinemas will reopen on July 4

The Prime Minister said yesterday that starting next month people will be needed to keep “another meter” apart from others, while taking steps to mitigate the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

“Where it can be held two meters away, people should,” said Johnson.

“But where it is not, we will inform people to keep a social distance of one meter and more, which means that they must stay one meter away while taking mitigation measures to reduce the risk of transmission. ”

These include wearing a face mask on public transportation, washing hands, screens, being outside and limiting time spent with others.

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Another change to the guidelines from July 4 will allow indoor gatherings of two types of households, provided social distance is maintained.

This means families can be reunited and dinners will be allowed, but people will still not be able to kiss their loved ones.

But the public has been warned that life will not return to normal for a long time.

Professor Chris Whitty would be surprised if Coronavirus situation isn't next spring

Whitty sees the current situation in the year

“I would be surprised and delighted if we were not in this current situation through winter and until next spring,” England chief medical officer Chris Prof Whitty warned at the daily final Downing Street briefing.

“I am expecting a significant amount of coronavirus circulating at least at this time and I think it is going to be fairly optimistic that for science to come fully to the rescue on this kind of schedule. “


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