UPDATEDx2: Mike Quackenbush announces the closure of CHIKARA, resigning from Wrestle Factory


UPDATE 2: It’s official: CHIKARA is no longer with allegations of abuse against Mike Quackenbush and other members of the staff of the company. Quackenbush has asked Twitter to publish a statement published on its accounts and those of CHIKARA, according to which it put an end to the promotion and resigned as head coach at the Wrestle Factory in the middle of the allegations.Quackenbush said in the announcement:

“I have been informed of the recent allegations about myself and about other people in my service.

“I take all allegations seriously, whether they concern me or members of my team.

“It is of the utmost importance for me to approach them with openness and transparency. Therefore, these issues can receive the time and attention appropriate, I have to stop CHIKARA and I resigned as head trainer at the Wrestle Factory.

I will make a full statement on these issues in the near future. ”

UPDATE: CHIKARA is about to announce its closure in the midst of multiple allegations of abuse against the owner Mike Quackenbush, according to a new report. PWInsider reports that an announcement is coming that the business will close, and Quackenbush resigned from his position of head coach at The Wrestle Factory.

The announcement will take place after that Quackenbush has been accused by several people of the abuse towards female talent. The site notes that Quackenbush would have said to have had several meetings with the Zoom on the talent and the staff since they started to go out yesterday evening. Following the accusations, a long list of stars of CHIKARA left the promotion, including Hallowicked, Jacob Hammermeier, Kimber Lee, Frightmare, Green Ant, and Joshua Wells.

ORIGINAL: As we have reported previously, CHIKARA has removed Kobald of his list due to allegations of physical and emotional violence. However, this was not the only charge against the company or its stars. Since then, there has also been a number of accusations against Mike Quackenbush for abuse and neglect. Icarus has also been accused of having left bruises on a minor who, according to him, “loved him suddenly.”

Quackenbush was also the head trainer of The Wrestle Factory, the school of CHIKARA.

The result of these charges, Hallowicked, Frightmare, and Jakob Hammermeier announced that they were leaving CHIKARA and the Dojo Carolina Wrestle Factory.

In addition to being with CHIKARA since the beginning, Hallowicked was also assistant coach to the Wrestle Factory. He wrote:” Effective immediately, I resign from CHIKARA and The Wrestle Factory. Although I do not think that the allegations made against me personally, I can’t in all conscience continue my association with the group.

Hammermeier has added:” Effective immediately, I hereby present my resignation to Chikara. The Wrestle Factory Carolina Dojo will revert to the Carolina Wrestling Academy. I will not tolerate any action of the school of Philadelphia and will no longer be associated with the brand.

Frightmare said: “Effective immediately, I resign from CHIKARA. I gave everything I had to the company, and although I do not think that the allegations raised against me personally. I can’t in good conscience continue with this company. Thank you for the years of support.


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