UPDATEDx2: Joey Ryan turns off the Twitter Accounts in the Middle of Allegations of Sexual Assault, Update on the Impact of the Statute


UPDATE 2: Joey Ryan has not simply closed his personal Twitter account following the sexual assault allegations against him, that he turned his promotion into account as well. The social media account for Ryan Bar Fight is also disabled as of this writing.Of note, Ryan’s Facebook page as well as on the Facebook page for the Bar Fight have not been disabled.

In addition, while the Impact has not publicly addressed Ryan’s specific status PWInsider reports that sources within the company have given the impression that Ryan will not be back. In the Impact, Ryan has worked as a Joseph P. Ryan, he is the leader of the #CancelCulture stable, which also includes Katie Forbes, Rob Van Dam, and Jacob Crist. Crist joined recently, turning on his brother David Crist who is facing his own allegations of sexual misconduct.

It should be noted that PWInsider has not said that they had confirmed that Ryan is not back, only that it is “the impression” that they have received. Currently, #CancelCulture is fixed to the face of Crazzy Steve and two mystery partners this week’s Impact Wrestling.

UPDATE: Joey Ryan has closed his social media account following another allegation of sexual assault being laid against him from somone join the #SpeakingOut movement. Ryan removed his Twitter Account sometimes, today, after a new allegation joined the multiple charges against him.

The allegation came from the former With Spandex Editor Danielle Matheson, who alleged that Ryan assaulted her in 2019. She said she did not want to go into the details, instead of saying, “All I need to tell you, a stranger, it is as I said that I was not interested and was tired and just wanted to go to sleep more than once. I didn’t want what happened, feeling trapped, my body didn’t know how to fight or escape what was happening. If you think that this is not true, I am happy to direct you to Google so that you can educate you on not only the mental/chemical reactions that one can have when he has been assaulted, but also all the ways in which your body operates to protect you when fight and flight are just not possible.”

Matheson goes into detail on later, why she didn’t report and more, which you can read on the link. It is o-ring announcer Charlie, a fan named Marky, and Corinne Mink that the accusers of Ryan. She has posted on Twitter to thank Allysin Kay and Briley Pierce to help him tell his story, and added, “anyway, I’m okay, I swear to you! I’m in a good place and have a good support system when I’m not. If you feel bad, please use these feelings to make an effort to help people who are still struggling to deal with the things they have experienced which are not the same!”

ORIGIN: Joey Ryan declaration in relation to the allegations of sexual misconduct against him does to help out, and Joey Janela was a very sharp response. As previously reported, Ryan posted a long statement on Twitter in which he said that, although his lawyer has told him not to discuss the details in the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against him, he wanted to take on the responsibility of not always treat people with respect and acknowledged that it was possible that it is possible that he is pursuing people who weren’t interested in him, invades their personal space, and makes them feel uncomfortable. Ryan also said that he has started to attend counselling at the end of 2018 and is still doing so.

Janela has been among the many people who were not happy with the statement, post it on Twitter to get some very direct shots of Ryan and say, “the allegations of him now and to come on to him without a doubt 100% true.”

In addition, Ryan Nemeth has taken Twitter to the level of his own shots to Ryan. Nemeth, the brother of the star of the WWE Dolph Ziggler who has been working in NXT as Briley Pierce, who is accused Ryan of “assaulting women for the whole of your struggle of the ‘career’” and said that he has stopped taking bookings for Ryan Bar Fight “that I found out who he is, and what it does. I wish there were more who did the same”:


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