UPDATEDx2: behind-the-Scenes of the WWE Would be in the Air At Big Shows and PPVs, FOX Sports 1 Statement of the


UPDATE 2: It appears that if the WWE Backstage sticking around only for the big shows and PPVs, according to a new report. Orlando reporter Jon Alba has reported that the WWE will now air only on PPVs and main shows.” Alba has given a certain context, noting that the FOX was first the intention of putting it together, a division dedicated to the WWE that producers, but that is everywhere now.Alba notes that this change will not affect Smackdown aired on FOX and that nearly 20 people have lost their job at FOX Sports 1 between the WWE and boxing reduced.

FOX Sports 1 released a statement on the matter to POST the Fight, which reads as follows:

Today, we have announced some programming changes designed to better meet the needs of our business. As a result, certain positions in our production department have been eliminated.

UPDATE: More details are to come on the apparent judgment of the WWE Backstage. PWInsider reports that FOX has held a meeting of several hours, telling everyone working on the show that it is “in its current format” for the moment. The belief among those who are involved in the show, it is that the show is “fact” completely, with the exception of the “chance” that it could be used for special programming, and there is currently no plan for such a thing to occur even if the situation is left open to FOX Sports 1 could if they wanted to.

There will not be a new episode of tomorrow’s products, and a revival of an old episode is likely to air tomorrow. As for CM Punk, he is under contract to the FOX and not the WWE so Punk would need to sign a contract with the WWE (completely unlikely) to be moved to other WWE programming.

ORIGIN: WWE Backstage, seems to go over at regular intervals, with FOX Sports 1 would have to cut back on it. According to the Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand, FOX Sports 1 moves back on its production of boxing and the WWE “shoulder programming,” and the Backstage will be “more product each week.”

More details on the development are set to be revealed later this evening. WWE Backstage has been broadcast weekly, with the exception of a one week break caused by the panedmic in mid-March, from the 5th of November. The show has not attracted huge ratings 0.042 ratings in the average for the 18 – 49 years and an average of 115 000 people in 2020. CM Punk’s appearances on the show have been a draw — his episodes have seen an average score increase of 46% and a listening increase of 42% — even if it is a sporadic on the part of the analyst panel with approximately monthly appearances.

The report notes that the boxing show “at the Interior of the PBC” is eliminatred fully and that all of the cuts combined will result in “double-digit job losses.”


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