UPDATE: Tonight’s Smackdown to Present the Boneyard Match, Update on Registration Plans


UPDATE: PWInsider reports that tonight’s Smackdown episode should focus mainly on the tribute to the Undertaker and will include the very first television broadcast of the Boneyard match between Undertaker and AJ Styles.There should also be appearances by Matt Riddle and Jeff Hardy.

WWE will be recording tonight’s episode today at the Performance Center at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Original: WWE will present a new episode of Friday Night Smackdown on FOX this evening, although it may be rewritten after news that several wrestlers have tested positive for COVID-19. The planned program includes:

* A tribute to the entrepreneur
* Sheamus presents a toast to Jeff Hardy
* Braun Strowman reacts to the return of Bray Wyatt
* Intercontinental Championship: AJ Styles (c) against Drew Gulak

It should be noted that the WWE.com overview currently only lists the tribute to Undertaker, so it is possible that changes have already been made.


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