Update on the coronavirus in the United Kingdom: the latest news concerning the publication by the government of numbers of tests and traces


continued coverage of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Here are the latest updates around the world:– The government should publish the latest data from its department of testing and tracing of the coronavirus while the PM continues to defend against criticism. The DHSC is expected to publish figures for England on Thursday for the NHS Test and Trace Service between 11 and 17 June, its third week of operation.

– About 2 000 jobs are deleted in Royal Mail, while the group has announced an overhaul of its management to help reduce costs in the face of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.– The director of emergencies of the WHO, Michael Ryan, has warned that the crisis had not reached its maximum yet in most of the Americas. “It is particularly intense in central America and South America “, he said. The confirmed cases in Brazil have exceeded one million last week.

– The second State in the most populous country of Australia deploys ambulances and centers, test mobile in a blitz test for coronavirus, and will use the army in the operations of quarantine, the countries recording the highest daily increase of cases in two months. The State of Victoria has stated that 33 people have been tested positive for the coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

– Volunteers in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa, have received their first doses of an experimental vaccine in a human trial conducted by the University of Oxford.

– The mexican ministry of Health reported Wednesday 947 deaths due to Covid-19 and 5, 437 new cases. The figures relate to the country’s total to 196 847 cases and 24 324 deaths.

– Although it has managed to contain its epidemic Covid-19, Vietnam does not intend to open to international tourists, but feared that this would lead to a second wave of infections, ” said the Prime minister of the country.


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