Update: Key art and trailer reveal information for Star Wars: Squadrons announced


update: Shortly after the promotional material for Star Wars: Squadrons was leaked online, EA triggered the key art for their next release (see above), and noted that an official trailer will reveal will occur on Monday, June 15 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time EA’s YouTube Star Wars page. Be sure to check it out!

Original article:Because nothing remains a secret for too long, it seems that the official Xbox website has leaked details related to Star Wars: Squadrons, an un announced air combat game set in the Star Wars universe. The leak comes through an image for the upcoming title, which also featured a pre-order button, but I’ve since removed that part in order to make the art look nice and pretty. In addition, if you click on the pre-order prompt, you automatically get redirected to a page that hasn’t been posted online yet.

Looking at the image and title of the game, one can only assume that Squadrons revolves around air combat missions located in a galaxy far, far away. The image depicts fighters on both sides of the ongoing war between the rebels and their oppressors. Oh, and let’s not ignore the fact that art is invaded by TIE fighters, X-Wings, and other styles of dog-ready ships that are able to tear the sky like a leaf.

EA is set to host their EA Play event next week, which is where I guess the company was originally going to debut this newly leaked Star Wars video game title.

It’s been a hot minute since fans had a good Star Wars video game that focuses on the hot-headed pilots of the franchise and cleverly designed spacecraft. In fact, the last game to highlight this part of the star wars universe was 2003 Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. I say that, while not fully discounting the multiplayer modes presented in EA Star Wars Battlefront, which allowed players to take to the skies for a good old-time multiplayer aeronautical action.

Don’t forget to check out EA’s presentation next week where even more details for Star Wars: Squadrons are required to be announced.


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