UNITED states Ski Team Suspends Kiernan and Bu Fagan


The identical twin brothers, Kiernan and Bu Fagan, originally from brownfield, Maine, have been formally and indefinitely suspended from the U.S. Ski Team after they have posted content on their social media channels, in violation of the UNITED states Ski and Snowboard Athlete Agreement and Code of Conduct. Read their full statement here.

Marker, Dalbello, Volkl have also ended their sponsorship of the Fagan twins to the result of their use of racial slurs on multiple occasions on their social media accounts.

“We have recently become aware of, tasteless and inappropriate social media content featuring athletes freestyle Bu and Kiernan Fagan,” said a statement by the vice-president, Marketing of the brand Volkl usa, Geoff Curtis. “The use of, or affiliation with the racial slurs is never okay, and after you have seen this content, we had no choice, but at the end of our sponsorship of these two athletes. MDV holds no ill will towards the Bu and Kiernan, and we wish them every success in the pursuit of their ski career.”

Db ski, bags have also ended their support of the two athletes.

“We appreciate their performance on the skis, but we do not support this kind of behavior. We simply don’t have. It’s not us,” brand said in an Instagram post.

The brothers the return of the UNITED states Ski and Snowboard of the authorised activities is subject to completion of the diversity and sensitivity education, according to the statement.


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