Uncle Ben and Mrs. Butterworth Feel the Heat Next Aunt Jemima Announcement


Critics have long associated the shape of the Mrs. Butterworth, the bottle with the mammy, a caricature of what black women enslaved to Caucasians.

And later on Wednesday, the parent company of Crème de Blé announced it was conducting a similar review.

The recent large-scale protests have renewed the focus on food manufacturers, who for decades have used racial images for the sale of rice, mixed porridge, dairy products and snacks, among other products and services.

Businesses responded to complaints about these representations, and sometimes made adjustments. In 2007, Uncle Ben, whose face has appeared on the rice can since the 1940s, was promoted from a servant to the chairman of the board.

But Kevin D. Thomas, professor of multicultural branding in the Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies Program at the University of Marquette, said he hoped that the mainstream of promoting change would finally result in a major renovation in the world of marketing.


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