UK holiday air bridges “with Spain, France and Greece” to be in place by July 4,’


Brits could holiday in 10 countries, under “air bridge” agreements in two weeks, according to reports.Ministers are considering the treaty with Portugal, Spain, France and Greece, which would allow UK holidaymakers to travel without having to be in quarantine upon their return, the Telegraph reports.

It is understood that the plans will take effect July 4, following a Government announcement on 29 June, when the new policy should be examined for the first time.

Travelers arriving in the united KINGDOM are currently facing 14 days of isolation under the new mandatory quarantine rules, with fines threatened for those who do not comply.

However, Boris Johnson, is expected to announce that the bilateral agreements have been concluded with a “small number” of countries with low levels of the coronavirus.

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Ministers are hoping to strike deals with a maximum of 10 countries

Movement corridors will not be given the green light on the advice of the chief medical officer, and if the Foreign Office is committed to lifting its ban on non-essential travel to the destination.

According to the document, the Government is also looking for good business with Australia, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Montserrat and the Falkland Islands.

However, it is not known if they will be part of the first group of countries.

Emma Coulthurst of price comparison website Travelsupermarket said talk of air bridges has led to an increase in searches for holidays abroad.

“Last week, there has been an 18% increase in searches for package holidays to Spain,” she said.

The deals would mean the quarantine of free travel to the Uk this summer

“Things have completely reversed in the last fortnight on the back of talk of
air bridges and European countries are re-opened. ”

In the meantime, booking site Skyscanner says it has seen a 34% increase in searches for trips back and forth between the united KINGDOM in the week beginning 7 June compared to May 10.

However, the spokesperson Gavin Harris added that the reservations are still significantly below pre-pandemic levels.

“There still remains uncertainty about the provision of future travel in the short term and the long term,” he says.

It comes after a Spanish foreign ministry source confirmed today that the UK is in talks with Spain regarding an agreement that would allow both countries not to quarantine the passengers.

The source said to Reuters that he expected a decision before Spain opens its borders to tourists from most European countries, including Britain, the Sunday.

The source said: “Spain is ready to be opened in the united Kingdom, we are in talks with them about their quarantine.

The united KINGDOM coronavirus alert level was reduced today for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

The degradation of the note of Level 4 to 3 means that the Covid-19 epidemic is ” general circulation “, but the transmission is more ” high or rising exponential “.

However, counsellors have warned that localized epidemics of Covid-19 are still “likely” to occur.

The last official report coronavirus figures show that the UK daily of death is still in the three digits after 173 new deaths were reported today.

It brings the UK’s total number of deaths in 42,461 killed since the beginning of the epidemic.


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