UK drops quarantine of coronaviruses to travel to France, Greece and Spain


Travel agents hail government’s “risk-based approach” to quarantineJonathan Smith, spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), said the organization welcomed the government’s “risk-based approach” in choosing to review the general quarantine provisions for arrivals to the UK.

Talk to BBC Radio 4 Today program, he said, “I think this is incredibly welcome news for the travel industry, which has had a very difficult time these weeks and months, and will encourage people to book and allow them to enjoy a vacation from summer. ”

Mr. Smith added: “I think what is important is that the general advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs changes and begins to authorize travel and that it is up to the government to decide which countries we can go to. completely safe. ”

The trade official said the industry expected “more bookings”, but predicted that more travel companies would likely go bankrupt before a full recovery was felt.

“What is important now is that travel agents and tour operators have the opportunity to restart their activities and that the sector can start to recover because they have gone through an incredibly difficult period and there are have had many layoffs and that companies have unfortunately been bankrupt and that will continue to be the case for a while before seeing a good recovery, “said Smith.


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