UK death toll stands at 40,465


A A group of leading doctors and scientists have asked the government to hold an urgent investigation to prepare Britain for a second potential wave of coronaviruses in winter.In a letter to the Guardian, 27 medical and scientific experts warned that many Britons could die if a second wave hits at the end of the year and that the government has no “quick and practical solutions to some of the problems structural that made the implementation of a [coronavirus] answer so difficult. ”

Signatories to the letter say that problems such as “the fragmentation … of the NHS, public health and social care … the channels through which scientific evidence feeds into policy and the inability to plan necessary goods and services” threaten to undermine the government’s response to a potential future spike.

They write: “Despite the tireless efforts of health professionals and scientists inside and outside government, the UK has one of the highest Covid-19 mortality rates in the world , the poor and certain minority ethnic groups being particularly affected.

“If, as seems likely, there is a second wave this winter, many more will die unless we find quick and practical solutions to some of these structural problems,” added the letter signed by the former director. from the World Health Organization, Professor Anthony Costello and former member of the Scientific Emergency Advisory Group (Sage), Professor Deenan Pillay,

“We call on all political parties to engage in a prompt, transparent and expert investigation to resolve these issues. This should avoid diverting the efforts of those responding to the crisis or spreading the blame, but should offer workable means to overcome the obstacles encountered by them. on the front line of the answer and help them save lives. “


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