UK could pay drivers to replace combustion cars with electric vehicles


The British car market has taken a bruise due to COVID-19, like much of Europe, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson can count on electric vehicles to bring it back. The Telegraph sources (via Reuters) understand that Johnson’s team is drafting plans that would give drivers up to 6,000 euros, or about $7,627, if they exchange their combustion engine car for a VÉHICULE. The Prime Minister would announce it provisionally on 6 July as part of a wider plan to help the UK economy recover as blocking measures ease.

It would be a pragmatic initiative if it were accurate. It would theoretically give a boost to the UK economy as a whole, and would be particularly beneficial for Jaguar, Mini and other brands that manufacture at least some of their electric vehicles domestically. An incentive to trade may even be necessary to achieve long-term goals. The UK wants to ban the sale of new-combustion cars by 2035, and this can be difficult if there is no market that is growing at that time. A reward for abandoning diesel and gasoline could accelerate this adoption, especially among cost-conscious buyers who may like the lower operating costs of electric vehicles, but cannot justify the price hike in advance.


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