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According to pre-released extracts, Johnson’s speech to bring forward projects to a value of € 5 billion, of which it will “speed up”, including improvements to schools and hospitals, loans and schemes such as the parks improvements.Speaking in the West Midlands, he asks his ambition to rebuild Britain echo the achievements of Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR), who conducted a large reconstruction of the american economy in the wake of the Great Depression and is selected for large-scale projects such as the Hoover Dam.

But critics of the prime minister is likely to highlight there is no new money in the announcement.

Some observers laughed at Johnson’s suggestion that his plan looked like the 1930s of the White House.

“The notion that he is going to turn into FDR seems absolutely fanciful,” said professor Anand Menon, from the UK in a changing Europe of reflection.

“RAD has surrounded himself with experts, and drew on what they had to say, in a way that Boris Johnson has so far failed.”


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