UK coronavirus deaths increase from 186 to 43,414 – largest daily increase in 10 days


The number of deaths from coronaviruses in the UK in all settings increased from 186 to 43,414 deaths – the largest daily increase in 10 days.The total included a revision in which two deaths had previously been counted twice.

Including deaths due to suspected cases of the disease, the UK death toll is over 54,000.

As of Friday, the number of deaths in the past 24 hours was 173.

Today’s increase is the highest number of deaths in all settings since 10 days after 233 deaths were recorded on June 16.

Today, it has been reported that in all hospital settings, the number of deaths has increased by 70 across the UK in the past 24 hours.

A total of 67 people died in England, two in Wales and one in Northern Ireland, while Scotland has had no new deaths for the first week since the lockdown began.

This comes as Downing Street warns the British that the lock could be tightened again thanks to bathers in England, raising fears of a second wave of deadly coronavirus.

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The number of deaths also decreases by 4.3% per day, a reduction of half every 16 days

Prime Minister’s spokesman issued warning after thousands of sun seekers have ignored calls to stay away from Bournemouth Beach, creating chaos on the sands on Britain’s hottest day this year.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock had warned that the government could close the beaches after three spots reported incidents yesterday about crowds flouting the rules of social distancing – but No. 10 today has row on suggestions – saying they would stay open.

However, Bournemouth Beach was a very different picture today than it was 24 hours ago when the masses finally heeded the warnings to stay away.

Local families and young children had plenty of space to spread out on the sand compared to the chaotic scenes of yesterday when the beach was beaten.

Matt Hancock suggested government may close beaches

Bournemouth beach was much quieter today after harsh warnings from government and scientists

It was possible to take a comfortable walk along the promenade without worrying about social distance.

Ice cream kiosk workers found themselves twitching because there were virtually no customers to serve.

The proportion of hospital patients dying from Covid-19 is declining, research suggests.

The Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford has studied hospital deaths in England and found that the number of people hospitalized with a coronavirus decreases by 2.4% every day – by half every 29 days.

Lockout changes in England starting July 4

The number of deaths also decreases by 4.3% per day, which is halved every 16 days.

On April 2, at the height of the epidemic, there were 644 deaths in 10,737 people hospitalized in Covid – giving a death rate of 6%, the researchers said.

But as of June 15, there were 50 deaths and 3,270 people hospitalized – a death rate of 1.5%.


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