UEFA releases Champions League calendar for August


UEFA has finally narrowed in its plan to end the 2019/20 Champions League tournament. According to their press release, UEFA will complete all other games in August. The remaining events will all be held in Lisbon in single knockout games.

The round of the 16 games that are left on the schedule will take place on August 7 and 8, but it has not yet determined whether they will be played in Lisbon or to home teams of the venue. So let’s see if Bayern play the match against Chelsea at the Allianz or a neutral place.

The schedule is as follows:

Round of 16 – August 7-8

Quarter Finals – August 12-15

Semi-Finals – August 18-19

Final – August 23

All matches will be played behind closed doors and subject to a new list of rules. Clubs are allowed to register 3 new players from their teams provided they are already on the team and eligible for inclusion. No new transfers will be allowed (ahem Chelsea and M. Werner).

The single knockout matches will likely lead to a few surprises, as the overall quality and depth seems to balance over the two games, which will make the teams change their particular strategies.

Bayern Munich roll in the 2nd game against Chelsea, FC with a major advantage, following the 3-0 beating at Stamford Bridge, and their current form is likely to continue throughout the quarterfinal. Here we come to Lisbon!


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