Tyler Perry says he is “exhausted” by all of the hate, of the division of the


Tyler Perry wrote: “we must never give up” in a heartfelt first-person essay in People magazine detailing his thoughts on racial injustice and police brutality against black people in America. Perry said he has almost succeeded in the publication of his essay in the next issue, which will be released Friday, but the filmmaker felt compelled to follow through, because he is “exhausted” from what he has seen recently across the country.

“I’m exhausted of all the hatred and division and the vitriol that I see in line from one to the other,” the actor-writer-director wrote. “I am exhausted to see these kinds of killings fools play again and again with nothing changing in our society. ”

Perry has written on various topics, including how he felt after seeing the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after being held in Minnesota by a white officer. It has also tackled separate moments of being stopped and searched at New Orleans and Atlanta.

“The level of racism and brutality that George Floyd faced, it is something that we, black people know all too well,” he wrote. “When I saw this video, I had a lot of raw, guttural emotion. I felt for him and his family. I felt for all of us, black people. I felt for my 5-year-old son. ”

Perry has said he is mulling over how to explain racism to his son. When he did have the conversation, the filmmaker wrote that he wants to instill hope in him and that ” progress is being made in small steps.

“Looking at his young face, I often wonder how to approach this conversation: How am I going to explain that, even if Mr. Rogers said,” Look for the helpers, “sometimes, these aids will be judge of his skin before acknowledging his humanity,” he wrote.

“I know that, like his father, a black man in America, it is my duty to prepare them for the harsh reality that awaits them outside the watchful eye of his loving parents. This will be a hard, heartbreaking conversation, but that I must have and will have soon. “


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