Twitter Bursts After Undertaker WWE Retirement Announcement


The Undertaker, apparently, has announced his retirement on the latest episode of “The Last Ride” (just too hard here). Obviously, it was a time of mourning for fans around the world.No matter how much tells us that Death should retire now, when the time has finally come, it feels like a big void has been left in the professional struggle of the world. Even though the Taker said “never say never”, the tweet put out by WWE later to everyone, but confirms that, this time, the ad holds weightage.

He had the perfect send in his last game against AJ Styles where both defeated in a boneyard and Taker alike drew on his iconic biker persona. Fans on Twitter responded with condolences and wish the legend good luck. However, there were also those who were petrified of the possibility that Vince could again call him to show Saudi Arabia!

Twitter reacts to Undertaker retirement

Twitter got emotional, nostalgic and funny at the same time. Check out some of the best answers.

The Phenom was an essential element of our childhood. If it is indeed the end, then it is indeed the end of an era. His legacy has been linked to that of WWE.

For years, Death, Man has carried WWE on his back. He stuck with them, even when the superstars were leaving the ship at WCW in light of a possible end of the route for the company. What’s more, he keeps appearing just because he wants to be useful to the company that gave him so much.

He still had the opportunity to take advantage of his long-returning retirement, perhaps after his era of game-defining against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania. However, when you are in the business, it is always difficult to leave. We wish The Undertaker a very happy retirement and thank him for all the good memories over the years.


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