Twins fan, statue of racist owner Calvin Griffith and appeal for judgment


Last week, a pair of news items pushed Mike Tucker to a breaking point with his favorite baseball team.First, the 44-year-old Twins fan watched a video of Native American-led activists at the Minnesota State Capitol throwing a rope around a Columbus monument, pulling the genocidal colonizer on the ground. A day later, he read how the Carolina Panthers had removed a monument to former team owner Jerry Richardson …former because of the stories of racial and sexual misconduct that led him to sell the franchise in 2018 – from outside their stadium, but with a mechanical crane (and for “public safety” reasons, according to the team ) rather than with raw human strength.

After his apartment in Minneapolis, a three-kilometer straight line drew on Chicago Avenue from the intersection where another man by the name of George Floyd was killed by a white policeman on May 25, Tucker was galvanized by a familiar fight. “The climate of what’s going on was just enough, it was enough,” says Tucker. “These two things were a sign that someone was talking to me. “

Since 2015, Tucker says, he has quietly organized a “one-man boycott” of his beloved twins, protesting a statue of former team owner Calvin Griffith who stands in front of Target Field. For someone who describes himself as a “ride or die” twin loyalist, it was no small sacrifice. Worn team gear still stains his closet – his favorite item: a Carlos Gomez jersey with the G, O and Z striped on the back, so it only reads to me – but Tucker hasn’t bought anything new since five years. And, while he has already attended as many games per season as his schedule and wallet allowed, including the famous playoffs of game 163 against the Tigers in 2009, he now refuses to set foot in downtown from the pitch stadium. “I don’t want to see this statue,” he said, “until it is laid on its back or shot by the Twins. “


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