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The poisoning of Salisbury

21h, BBC One

Rafe Spall and Anne-Marie Duff play in this dramatisation in three parts of the poisoning of a former intelligence agent of the Russian Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in 2018. We open with the discovery of their bodies unconscious on a park bench and the immediate deployment of DS Nick Bailey (Spall) who begins to feel suspectement sick after having searched their home. During this time, the director of public health Tracy (Duff) realizes that this is an assassination attempt, and suddenly the fate of thousands of people in his hands. Ammar Kalia

The factory fantastic craft curious

19h, Channel 4

This evening, in the creative competition that takes the craft semi-seriously, the host Keith Lemon asked the competitors to make the patterns pop-up monuments in the uk. Then, they should create something properly dangly for Nick Grimshaw to take to a charity gala. Latest in a series of disconcerting. Jack Seale

Kingdom of the mummies

20h, National Geographic

This season is all about hidden rooms as a team of archaeologists led by Dr. Ramadan Hussein head at Saqqara in Egypt, to take the risky move to knock down a wall. “There are things in there !” they exclaim with enthusiasm, where they found a burial chamber, perfectly preserved. Hannah Verdier

The Queen and the Coup

21h, Channel 4

A doc shining the light on the coup in iran of 1953, provided by the MI6 and the CIA to oust the democratically elected leader of the country for a shah’s all-powerful. Historians Rory Cormac and Richard Aldrich use of documents newly declassified to show how the queen has been involved in the convince of the shah. Ak

Big Brother’s Best Shows Ever

21h, E4

Who is she? Who is she?! This is Davina McCall, that is to say, rylan Clark-Neal, and together they re-enact the moments the most famous of an issue that the british public has a tight to her breast and delusional from the get-go. You can expect Nasty Nick, the collapse of Vanessa, pussy Galloway and David death. Ali Catterall

Macbeth: The Royal Shakespeare Company

21: 30, BBC Four

Christopher Ecclestone and Niamh Cusack play in the production 2018 by Polly Findlay at Stratford of the tragedy of scotland. Ecclestone book a Macbeth powerfully robust, on the ground by the hardships of war, while Cusack is his frantic, tortured Lady in this modern, light feet, running just two hours. Ak

Film choice

Two days, one night. Photo: Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

Two Days, One Night, 12: 35, BBC Two

Another slice of convincing the social-realistic of the brothers Dardennes. Marion Cotillard is Sandra, on the verge of losing his job in a factory of solar panels, unless she can persuade her colleagues to work to waive their reward: a daunting task for someone who has just had a nervous breakdown. Paul Howlett


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