Turkey accuses France of exacerbating Libyan crisis


ISTANBUL: Turkey’s parliament on Tuesday passed a law that includes giving wide powers to the Competition Authority, a move criticized by opposition parties for failing to provide measures to protect personal data and trade secrets.
According to a section of the Law on Adjustments to the Competition Law, the Competition Authority is authorized to obtain copies or physical examples of books, data and documents from institutions during an inspection.
Members of parliament opposed the change, said the most guarantees concerning both personal data and trade secrets, while giving them “broad authority” from the Competition Authority.
According to an explanation of the law, the adjustment specifies the scope of the supervisory authority, which is essential to reveal cartels. “
The change introduced by President Tayyip Erdogan AK Party, also aims to clarify a self-assessment of the method and to introduce a new test to assess effective competition, among other measures.
The AKP said the change aims to bring existing competition law closer to European Union standards.


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