Tulsa imposes curfew before Trump rally to prevent violent protests


It is not clear whether Trump supporters who camped for days to get a privileged place to see the President on Saturday will also be eliminated, but some social media videos appeared to show people leaving the area wearing tents and garden chairs.

Police informed Bynum that “individuals from organized groups who have been implicated in destructive and violent behavior in other states plan to travel to the city of Tulsa with the aim of causing unrest in and around the rally”, indicates the prescription.

People who refuse to leave the area risk arrest, Tulsa Police Department warned on Twitter.

“This is an unprecedented event for the city of Tulsa and which includes hundreds of moving parts, we ask everyone’s help to make this event a safe event for all citizens,” the department tweeted. .

Trump’s rally, his first since the coronavirus crisis ended public rallies, has angered some residents who fear the event will cause a large-scale epidemic. They sued the site manager, demanding that the arena either comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s social distancing guidelines or be canceled.

Site officials have asked the Trump campaign for a detailed plan of the security measures it will take to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus. The campaign aims to provide masks and hand sanitizer for rally rallies, but will not keep participants six feet apart.

The BOK Center in downtown Tulsa, where the rally will be held, accommodates 19,000 people. The Trump campaign claims to have received 1 million ticket requests.


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