T&T Supermarket to suspend customer temperature controls


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T&T supermarket announces that it will suspend voluntary temperature controls for customers on June 8.

British Columbia-based grocery chains began offering the service, which involved pointing an infrared thermometer at a customer’s forehead on April 20 to protect buyers and staff from COVID-19.

But with the arrival of summer, T&T CEO Tina Lee said the warmer weather could produce false readings.

“After having had a hot weekend in Toronto, that was our conclusion. We don’t want to turn down customers who experience a high temperature just because they’re standing outside in the heat or coming right after an outdoor activity, “Lee said in a note to customers.

“We will decide after the summer whether this practice will resume, and in the meantime, we think the risk is always reduced with everyone in our stores wearing masks. “

Lee said that mandatory temperature controls for employees will remain in place.

Masks have been mandatory in T&T stores since May 11.

T&T will provide face masks to customers who do not have them, then request a charitable donation of $ 1 upon payment.


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