Trump’s calls to world leaders, including Trudeau, are so bad that his advisers see him as a security risk: CNN


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CNN reports that the month of May in the UK would be “troubled and nervous” when she spoke with Trump between 2016 and 2019. He is said to have regularly harassed her about Brexit, the UK’s long-running divorce with the European Union. she had no backbone in the face of the crisis. “He clearly intimidated her and wanted him,” a source told CNN.

For the most seasoned Merkel, Trump’s beards were “water from the back of a duck” and it would come back to him with hard facts and evidence to support his views on issues such as cooperation between the Germany and the United States.

Merkel and May weren’t the only ones to be verbally abused, CNN reported: Trump reportedly “regularly intimidated and disparaged other Western alliance leaders during his telephone conversations,” including Trudeau. Others reported to be suspected of intimidation include Emmanuel Macron of France, who is reportedly trying to get Trump to backtrack on his thoughts on security and the climate crisis, and Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister.


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