Trump “white power” retweet set off “five fire alarms” at the White House


President Donald Trump set a “five-fire alarm” at the White House on Sunday morning after he retweeted a video of one of his supporters saying “white power”, according to two White House officials .

The video stayed on the President’s Twitter page, where he has 82 million followers, for more than three hours because White House officials could not get to him asking him to delete them, the two officials have said. The president was at his golf club in Virginia and had put his phone down, officials said.

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Helpers also tried, unsuccessfully, to reach Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino to ask him to delete the retweet, officials said.

Sen Tim Scott, R-S. C., added to the emergency, when he called the “indefensible” tweet and demanded that the president take it down during an interview on CNN, officials said.

Once the officials were able to reach the president, he agreed to delete, they said.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and senior adviser Jared Kushner were among those trying to contain the fallout. McEnany said Monday that Trump had watched the video before retweeting, but he didn’t hear his supporter say “white power.” “

Officials said the president is a deluge of aid content and their allies, with one of them saying the “white power” incident was a “lesson for all of us in the White House to be more aware of this who exist. “

In April, the president retweeted a script that included the hashtag “#FireFauci. When asked at the time if he noticed the hashtag when he retweeted, the president said, “Yes, I have an opinion on everything. “


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