Trump was “almost sadistic” during telephone calls with the women as global leaders, according to a CNN report on the calls classified


  • According to a new CNN report, the approach to free and non-prepared by the president, Donald Trump for phone calls with world leaders has a tendency to turn ugly if the recipient is a woman.
  • Trump has been “almost sadistic” in talking to leaders such as former british Prime minister Theresa May and German chancellor Angela Merkel, calling them “stupid” and “idiots,” according to the long-time journalist of the Washington Post of Watergate, Carl Bernstein, who reported the story for CNN.
  • A source has called the calls of Trump with May ” humiliating and intimidating “, while Merkel would have taken the antics of Trump ” like water on the back of a duck “.
  • “He is irritated about something with Theresa May, and then it became nasty with her on the phone,” said a source to CNN. “It is the same interaction in all environments – coronavirus-or Brexit – without any filter applied. “
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President Donald Trump was buddy with the male leaders autocratic in the world in the phone calls, but has become “almost sadistic” when he spoke to women in the same positions, according to a new report from Carl Bernstein to CNN.

Bernstein, who became famous at the Washington Post during the scandal of Watergate, cites the White House, and sources within the intelligence community are familiar with the calls highly classified that sound the alarm.

The “attacks of the most vicious of Trump, said the sources, were women heads of State”.

The overall conduct of the president during these calls has been described Bernstein as a “danger to the national security of the United States” because of the lack of preparation of Trump.

“These calls have led to former high-ranking officials of Trump – including advisors to the national security of HR McMaster and John Bolton, secretary of Defense James Mattis, the secretary of State’s Rex Tillerson and the chief of staff of the White House John Kelly, as well as intelligence officials to conclude that the president was often “delusional”, as they say two sources, in its relations with foreign leaders, ” writes Bernstein.

“More than a dozen officials have listened to the phone calls of the president in real-time or were in receipt of extended abstracts and prints the raw recording of the call shortly after their completion, said sources from CNN. The sources have been interviewed by CNN several times for four to four hours. ” months extending until June. ”

Trump would have been belligerent with the German chancellor Angela Merkel and former prime minister of the united kingdom Theresa May.

“Some of the things he has said to Angela Merkel, are simply incredible: he has called “stupid” and accused her of being in the pocket of the Russians, ” said a source at Bernstein. “He is the most hard [in the phone calls] with those he considers as weak and lower with those with whom it should be hard. ”

Merkel would have removed the vitriol of Trump ” like water on the back of a duck “, in the words of a source, and would have simply responded with ” recitations of fact “.

May, on the other hand, would have been surprised by the conduct of Trump.

The Prime minister would become “confused and nervous” when he would be attacked by Trump, according to a source of Bernstein.

“He was clearly intimidated and wanted to do it,” said CNN one of those who were aware of the calls.

The behavior also extended to interactions in person, according to a German city.

When Merkel visited the White House in 2018, Trump “has displayed a` `behaviour is very questionable,” which` was quite aggressive … [T]the Chancellor is, in effect, remained quiet and this is what she does on the phone. “”


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