Trump tweet: Kneeling players are “disrespectful of our country – our flag”


Getty Images

President Trump will once again make NFL players kneeling during the national anthem this year.

Responding to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s statement that the league was wrong not to be more supportive of the players’ protests, Trump tweeted late Sunday night that he still considers kneeling during the anthem to be disrespectful.

“Would it even be remote that, in Roger Goodell’s rather interesting statement on peace and reconciliation, he insisted that it would now be okay for the players to kneel, or not to show up, to the national anthem, what ignored our country and our flag? Trump wrote.

NFL players kneeling during the anthem have made it clear that they are protesting police brutality, showing no disrespect for the country or the flag. But Trump sees the anthem protests as a winning question for him in November, and so it won’t be the last time we hear from the President on the issue.


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