Trump threat to the protesters of Tulsa in fear of a clash during an election rally


The message of the president on the social media comes after the mayor of Tulsa, G. T. Bynum was published on Thursday an executive order declaring a civil emergency and imposed curfews for certain parts of the city centre before and after the rally for Trump on Saturday in the center BOK 19000 squares of the city and a convention center with 40,000 places nearby.

In its order, Bynum has also revealed that he had “received information from the police department of Tulsa and other agencies of law enforcement that show that individuals from organized groups that have been involved in behaviours that are destructive and violent in other States are considering going in the city of Tulsa in order to cause unrest within and around the gathering. “

Bynum noted that demonstrations have already been planned in response to the” gathering of Trump, and the leaders of the black community have expressed their fears concerning episodes of violence resulting from the event of the campaign – which overlap with a celebration of the local Juneteenth of two days, a feast commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

Marc Lotter, director of strategic communications for the reelection campaign of the president, defended on Friday the tweet from Trump, warning on MSNBC, “if we see what we have seen in other cities with riots, looting, burning of buildings and physical violence, then it’s going to be something that would be met by the police and which would be dealt with appropriately. “

The campaign director of Trump, Brad Parscale, downplayed fears of a confrontation. “I am here since the first day, and I found that all the supporters of Trump were really caring, loving people who care about this country,” he told Fox News.

But Parscale has also said that the campaign saw as “people who are trying to disrupt” and “try to create scenes” at the rally Saturday. The demonstrators, he explained, ” want that this time, when CNN or other fake media outlets can try to believe as a supporter of Trump is not a loving person and caring “.

Later Friday morning, the president’s attention seemed to turn away from a potential conflict while he was returning to his mounting frequent on the turnout at its rallies. “Large crowds and lines are already forming in Tulsa. My campaign has not started yet. It starts Saturday night in Oklahoma! ” it tweeted – even if his campaign announced a rally of June 2019 to Orlando as its official launch in 2020.

Trump has called for a response militaristic aggressive against the demonstrations and riots on a national scale in the result of the murder of George Floyd, a black man of 46 years, by the police of Minneapolis in may.

Earlier this month, Trump threatened to deploy active-duty troops to put an end to racial unrest, while police and soldiers of the national Guard violently dispersed demonstrators largely peaceful in front of the White House to open the way to a photo shoot presidential in front of a church.


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