Trump supporter being kicked off American Airlines flight for refusing to wear a mask


A passenger was thrown off an American Airlines flight after he refused to wear a mask.

Brandon Straka, a supporter of president Trump, who describes himself as a “former liberal,” tweeted that he had been removed from an American Airlines flight after he refused to follow their directives.

Monday, American Airlines released a press release, where they reaffirmed that their policy is that all passengers must wear a mask on board one of their flights.

They added: “Some passengers are exempt from covering the face a requirement, such as young children and persons with a disability or medical reason for why they can’t wear a face covering. The policy does not apply to any eating or drinking.”

Mr. Straka tweeted Wednesday: “I have been simply removed from my flight for not wearing a mask. The 1st time that this happens. Not a federal law.

“@AmericanAir staff standing over me telling me it is THE LAW. So much for “please respect those who may not wear a mask’. When I pointed out that this was not a law, I was removed.”

Mr. Straka added: “the Whole episode is filmed. AFTER the removal of the me flight manager said they made a mistake. They did not have the right to ask you that.”

After he was kicked off the flight, Mr. Straka has recorded a video on the Periscope, detailing what happened on the vol

He said that no one has asked the aircraft if he had an illness that prevented him from wearing a mask, and added that American Airlines staff apologized to him for not asking him that during the vol

Mr. Straka has added: “It’s crazy, completely crazy. We don’t have more than one option. This is not the law, as you know, this is not the law.”

Astead W Herndon, journalist the New York Timessaid: “He was just off the plane, and ppl applauded lmaooo.”

In a video he recorded while on board the flight, a second, the man could be heard arguing with the airline staff, saying that they do not feel like they need to wear a mask.

Mr. Herndon added that the flight was to head to Tulsa, via Dallas, where Mr. Trump is holding a rally on Saturday.

On Monday, Mr. Straka tweeted that he had managed to obtain tickets for the rally, and said that he would be arriving early to conduct interviews.

Mr. Straka has tweeted: “I’m not by nature easy to impress, but Lordy, Lordy-I just got confirmation of my tickets for Tulsa Trump rally & I’m giddy as a fucking school girl!!! This is going to be EHHHHPIC!!!I will arrive early to do some interviews & hug them ALL. SHIT. A. OF. YOU.”

The Independent has reached at the time of Mr. Wesley and Mr. Straka for the comment.

American Airlines has confirmed to the Independent Mr. Straka has started up a flight of Dallas, on Wednesday.

They said: “Before the start of the door of the American Airlines flight 1263 from New York la Guardia to Dallas/Fort Worth, Brandon Straka has refused to wear a face covering.

“After refusing to comply with the instructions provided by the flight crew, the members of our team asked him to disembark from the plane. He landed and the plane left the gate four minutes late at 12:34pm AND”.

They added: “Mr. Straka said to our airport team members that they comply with our policies, and has been a new booking on a later flight. Our team is investigating this incident, and we turn to Mr. Straka to get more information.”


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