Trump sign the bill for sanctions on China of the officers of the Uighurs | usa, New


President Donald Trump has signed the legislation Wednesday, calling for sanctions against those responsible for the repression of Uyghur Muslims in China’s far western region of Xinjiang, the White House said in a statement.

The bill, passed in the US Congress, with only one negative vote was intended to send China a strong message on human rights by imposing sanctions against those responsible for the oppression of members of China’s Muslim minority.


The United Nations estimates that more than a million Muslims have been detained in camps in Xinjiang, China are said to be vocational skills and training facilities necessary for the fight against extremism.

China’s ministry of foreign affairs said that the act was a malicious attack.

“We again urge the US side to immediately correct mistakes and stop using this Xinjiang-related law to harm China’s interests and interfere in the internal affairs of China,” the ministry said in a press release.

“Otherwise, China will resolutely take countermeasures, and all consequences arising therefrom must be fully supported by the united States. ”

Trump issued a signing statement “to the sides of the law, saying that some of the sanctions’ requirements could limit his constitutional authority as president to use diplomacy for that he considers them as advisory rather than mandatory.

Trump has not held a ceremony to mark the signing of the bill, which came as US, the newspapers have published extracts from a new book by his former national security adviser, John Bolton.

Among other allegations in the book, Bolton said Trump has spoken approvingly of Chinese President Xi Jinping is the explanation of “why it has been primarily the construction of the concentration camps” detention of the Uighurs during a G20 meeting in Osaka in 2019, which was attended only by interpreters.

Bolton wrote that the united states interprets said that Trump has spoken approvingly of the camps. Bolton added that he had also been told by Matt Pottinger, a National Security Council official who is firm on the China, that Trump had said something similar to the course of 2017 trip to China.

The Uighurs act provides that the sanctions of the Xinjiang Communist Party secretary, Chen Quanguo, who is also a member of the powerful political bureau, for ” serious violations of human rights “. It also calls on US businesses with operations in Xinjiang to take measures to ensure their supply chains are free of forced labour.

The World Uyghur Congress, a leading exile groups, the Uyghurs, has hosted Trump move to sign the bill, saying: “he has given hope to the hopeless, the Uighurs. “


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