Trump says he’d love to see Colin Kaepernick play in the NFL again


Less than three years after saying that he would like to see the NFL players who kneel for the hymn to be “fired,” President Donald Trump now says he would like to see the head of the hymn of protest get another chance to play.Speaking of Sinclair, reporter Scott Thurman, Wednesday, Trump said that he’d love to see Colin Kaepernick get a shot to play in the NFL again.

“If he deserves it, he should. If he has the ability to play. His game was not up to snuff, ” Trump said. “The answer is: absolutely, I would, in the measure of the knees, I’d love to see him get another shot, but obviously he needs to be able to play well,” he continued. “If he can’t play well, I think that would be very unfair. ”

Trump has been very outspoken on the subject of knees when the national anthem since Kaepernick has started its movement.

Last week, in response to the announcement that the UNITED states of Football would have the effect of repealing a policy which requires its players to stand during the anthem, Trump Tweeted that he ” will not look much more as a result.

Two days after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement admitting the league was wrong to ignore players who knelt down in a sign of protest during the national anthem, Trump responded via Twitter, asking if Goodell has to encourage the players to kneel, ” and this lack of respect towards our country and our flag. ”

After the Saints quarterback Drew Brees said he would “never agree with someone who does not respect the flag, he published an apology, saying that his comments were” insensitive and completely missed the mark on the issues we are facing right now as a country. ”

The next day, Trump said that he was a big fan of Brees, “and that Brees” is not expected to have returned to its original position on the respect of our beautiful American Flag. The OLD GLORY is to be revered, loved, and traveled to the top. We should be standing up straight and tall, ideally with a hello, or a hand on the heart. There are other things that you can protest, but not our Great American Flag – NOT KNEES! “


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