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The chaos of the primary elections in Georgia generates cries of “electoral repression”Voters encountered long queues and problems with voting machines on Tuesday during a chaotic day of in-person voting in Georgia, the latest state to fight for election amid pandemic health concerns of coronavirus.

Republicans and Democrats blamed each other for the difficulties, and Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said his office would investigate the problems in two counties that are Democratic strongholds to resolve the issues before the November general election.

The faux pas in Georgia, which had delayed its March primary, should sound the alarm over how states will handle the vote if the coronavirus is still raging when Trump and Biden meet in the November 3 presidential election.

Many voters complained about long hours of waiting and voting machines that were not working. Raffensperger said the problems were most acute in Fulton and DeKalb counties of metropolitan Atlanta, although the Democratic Party of Georgia said it had received reports of problems “in every corner of the state”.

The main one was the first use of Georgia’s new voting equipment, which added a backup of the paper ballot, and officials said some places were having trouble starting the machines, had not received the equipment needed to start on time or had not properly trained poll workers. on their handling.

“I waited three hours,” said Callie Orsini, 26, who was lining up with hundreds of people in midtown Atlanta on Tuesday. She said that some people online asked for but did not receive mail-in ballots and that it took the polling officers longer to process them.

Polling places have been reduced in many counties due to a shortage of office staff due to concerns over the coronavirus epidemic. About one million Georgians voted by mail, the Raffensperger office said, and another 325,000 have already voted in person during the advance poll.

Raffensperger, who sent mail-in ballot request forms to the 6.9 million active voters in the state, called the voting situation in parts of Fulton and DeKalb counties “unacceptable” and launched an investigation .

“We knew it would be difficult to vote during a pandemic, but most countries could manage it very easily,” he told Reuters. “Fulton County has obviously had problems and the problems they have caused to county administrators. “

But the Democrats have said that the responsibility lies with Raffensperger.

“If there is a leadership failure, it starts where the ball should stop, at the top,” said DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond, a Democrat who called for an office investigation from Raffensperger.

“It is the responsibility of the secretary of state to train, prepare and equip election workers throughout the state to ensure fair and equitable access to the polls,” he said.

Voting groups said the experience was particularly difficult in ridings serving low-income and minority neighborhoods, and they feared that thousands of voters would have been disenfranchised.

“This election was a disaster,” said Kristen Clarke, Chair of the National Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights Under the Law.

The problems in Georgia follow similar complaints and confusion at a primary in April in Wisconsin and last week in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Washington, DC.

Georgia was one of five states to choose candidates for the White House and Congress on Tuesday. Voters from Nevada, South Carolina, North Dakota and West Virginia also held primaries.

Jon Ossoff, 33, led many Democrats in Georgia in the first results of the party’s nomination contest to face Republican Senator David Perdue. Ossoff faced six other Democrats, but with about 25% of the ridings counted, he was under the 50% of the vote needed to avoid a runoff run on August 11 for the nomination. Lost has no main challengers.

Louise Hall has this report.


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