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Trump lashes out at ‘thug’ flag burners

The president has visited one of these states of suffering of a coronavirus from the relapse of the Arizona – on Tuesday, where it marks peaceful anti-racism protesters a “left wing mob” and said they “hate our history, hate our values and hate all that we prize as Americans.” “We don’t bow down to the left of the intimidation,” he said.In contrast, he praised his audience as ” patriotic young Americans who stand up tall for America, and refuse to kneel for the radical left “.

“You are brave warriors standing in the way of what they want to do and their goals,” he continues.

Trump, whose first rally of the pandemic, Saturday, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, drew fewer supporters than expected and has been seen as exposing the weaknesses of his campaign, has pushed a new theme to Phoenix before the cheers of the audience of several thousand young conservatives to a “Student Trumpet” of the event staged by Charlie Kirk Turning point of the group Action.

The president stressed the protesters who have tried to topple the statue of the 19th century, president Andrew Jackson near the White House, on Monday evening, as well as an “autonomous zone” set up by the demonstrators in Seattle, that the reasons to keep it in the office rather than elect the Democrat Joe Biden, on 3 November.

“This is not the behavior of a peaceful political movement. It is the behavior of totalitarians and dictators and people who don’t like our country, ” he said.

Outside of the Dream City of the church where the Trump was speaking, the police forcibly dispersed hundreds of protesters marched in the streets adjacent to ” the freedom of speech of the area. ”

Phoenix police declared the protest unlawful assembly after demonstrators began to block off a street. Then, officers in riot gear used flash-bang grenades, military-style percussion devices for crowd control – to push protesters away from the church, a Reuters photographer at the scene said.

The city’s police department said he has ordered the protesters to disperse when the crowd began throwing objects at the police, ” blocking traffic and travel in an area protected by the presidential motorcade. ”

In addition to flash-bang devices, the police also used pepper balls deployed in the ground and a burst of pepper spray ” against the protesters, the ministry said the statement, adding that no arrest has been made.

Asset later, he returned to the theme on Twitter, which has been raging for “lowlifes” and the flag burners in a mispelled post.

Here’s Alex Woodward report.


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