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Trump video attack CNN for crying wolf on racism labeled as “manipulated the media” by TwitterA video posted by Donald Trump accuses CNN and other media hysteria and hypocrisy in its coverage of the racism in America has been called “a manipulation of the media” by Twitter, the third time the social network has censored the president in a month.

The clip – accompanied by an official campaign video presentation of a account fictional of a white woman incorrectly, the call of an act of perception of racism by its neighbor has tampered with the report with a misspelled CNN chyron flashing ” Terrified todler runs from a racist baby. “

The original video, which went viral on social media in 2019, showed a black toddler and a white child running towards each other and hugging. It has been published under the title “These two toddlers are showing us what real life besties look like” on CNN’s web site last year.

The clip shared in the Trump tweet by the famous troll Carp Donktum, invited to the White House by Trump last summer for its “Social Media Summit” – first shows the part where one of these little ones is seen running in front of the other. At one point, the banner reads as follows: “a Racist baby probably an Asset of the voter “.

The tweeted the video, with more than 11.4 million views and 332 000 retweets, then goes on to show the original video and conclude: “America is not the problem. False news is. “

“We can label Tweets containing synthetic and manipulated the media to help people understand their authenticity and provide additional context,” Twitter said in an explanation of its policies published on its web site.

Twitter has been the subject of considerable control of the Asset to the administration, because he checked the power of the tweets on unfounded allegations of postal voting fraud. It also marked an Asset tweet about events in Minneapolis as ” the glorification of violence. ”

The president, who has struggled with Twitter and other tech companies over alleged censorship of conservative voices on social media platforms, said at the end of May, it would be to propose legislation to potentially scrap or weaken the act of shielding companies from the internet, in an extraordinary attempt to regulate points of sale where it has been criticized.

Here is Gino Spocchia of the report.


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