Trump mood as “fragile” and could abandon the run in 2020 if the number of probes does not improve, the insiders in the GOP tell Fox News


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Donald Trump could abandon the presidential race of 2020 if he thinks that he has no chance of winning, would have said an agent of the republican Party Fox News.

The claim comes in a report in the media’s favorite president, who cites a number of insiders in the GOP who are concerned about the prospects of re-election of Mr. Trump in the middle of numbers of ballot abyssal.

Joe Biden, the democratic candidate is presumed that currently holds an average advance of nine points on the holder, as a follow-up surveys of 2020 by RealClearPolitics.

Most importantly, Mr. Trump has lost the support of white voters, older – usually a foundation of support to the republican Party and to a group that has been critical to his narrow victory in 2016. Mr. Trump is also following the former vice-president in almost all the States swing.

“It is too early, but if the polls continue to worsen, you can see a scenario where he gives up,” said a agent anonymous of the GOP. Fox News.

Charles Gasparino, the author of the report, Fox News, said in a series of tweets he had spoken to “key players” of the republican party to the history. One of them referred to the mood of Mr. Trump’s “fragile”, his chances of a second term in office seeming weaker and weaker.

Other sources within the GOP cited in the report said the probability that Mr. Trump abandons: “I heard the speech, but I doubt that is true. I bet he gives up if he believes that there is no way to win. “

Mr. Trump has repeatedly hit on a poll that shows him far behind Mr. Biden. Last month, he tweeted that Fox News should fire their Fake Pollster. Never had a good survey Fox! ”

On Monday, he tweeted: “Sorry to inform the democrats do nothing, but I get very good numbers of survey internal. As of 2016, polls and @nytimes are fake! Surveys @FoxNews are a joke! Do you think that they apologize to me and their subscribers EVEN when I WIN? People want LAW, ORDER AND SECURITY! ”

But the surveys of all of the organizations that survey show that Mr. Trump is constantly late by margins similar. In particular, they have demonstrated a high level of disapproval with regard to the processing by the president of the coronavirus and mass protests calling for racial justice after the murder of George Floyd by the police.

A recent Washington Post, Ipsos survey found that 36% of american adults approve of the treatment of events by Trump, while 62% disapprove. A New York Times survey returned similar numbers.

The same New York Times-Siena College According to a survey, 58% of Americans disapprove of his handling of the outbreak of coronavirus, while only 38% approve – the worst ratings since the beginning of the crisis.

The campaign Trump announced that the president would consider giving up ” the grand-father of the false news “.

“Everyone knows that the polls the media have always been false about the president, Trump – they under-sample republicans and will not filter out the voters would be likely to draw the false stories,” said the spokesperson of the campaign Trump, Tim Murtaugh, Fox News.

“It won’t work. There had been chills, similar in 2016 and if this had been accurate, Hillary Clinton would be in the White House at this time. “


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