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Trump claims US only looks like it has a more coronavirus cases because the test is advanced


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President Donald Trump has reiterated that it can only look like the united States is considerably more coronavirus cases, as in other countries, because there is more testing.

Trump is advisor to the trade had already insisted the president was joking when he urged his administration to slow down the test at a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.

But on Sunday, Trump appeared to defend the fact that the united states rate of COVID-19 the country has reached 2,279,879 infections and 119,969 death.

“Our Coronavirus test is so much greater (25 million tests) and much more advanced, it makes us look like we have more cases, especially in proportion, than other countries,” Trump tweeted just before 1 a.m., Monday. “My message is very clear!’

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Trump has tweeted that is made of this countries particularly stand out in proportion ” to other countries, such as the number of COVID-related deaths reached 119,969

Trump tweeted to his million followers after it appeared that Florida was reported to be 4 049 new cases of COVID-Friday, 19 – the highest total yet in a state that has a consistent resurgence since the re-opening.

The epidemic of coronavirus has continued his fevered climbing in Florida, Saturday, as governor. Ron DeSantis again tried to calm fears about another record surge of infections since the re-opening of restaurants, bars, gyms, and other public places.

And in Florida, Georgia, Texas and Arizona – states which loosened their stay-at-home restrictions at the beginning of daily deaths have been slowly on the rise since the beginning of June.

At the announcement of his Tulsa rally, Trump said that he would also host to more rallies soon in the swing states of Florida, Arizona and North Carolina – states where there has been a peak of new infections.

Across the united States, there were 32,540 new infections, the Sunday. But in the midst of protests against racial injustice and its management of coronavirus pandemic, Trump has focused on economic growth.

On Sunday, he has moved the attention on the re-opening of the economy, as it has been said by the commentary of Fox News.

He tweeted a quote from Tammy Bruce, and Steven Hilton, saying: “His (President of Trump) the policies of a foundation that has allowed us to survive the pandemic’. He then added: “True, we’ve built something so strong that we are in the process of putting the economic growth records of new Jobs and Growth!!!’

Peter Navarro said earlier on Sunday that Donald Trump was being tongue-in-cheek ” when he said during his rally he said his administration, in order to cut down on the coronavirus test if the UNITED states rate of infection appears to be lower.

In an interview with CNN, the State of the Union, host Jake Tapper asked Navarro about the time, the president said during his rally on Saturday evening: “I told my people,’ Slow test down, please.’

‘Go on, now, Jake, that was tongue-in-cheek,” the White House trade adviser has repeatedly said Tapper.

“I don’t know that it was tongue-in-cheek at all,” the host towards the rear. “He has said similar things for months.’

Navarro, who claimed to speak coronavirus is ” not in my lane,’ has insisted that Tapper instead of asking about ” serious problems.’

“I think the test is a very serious issue. I’m not the only one to make jokes about it,’ Tapper said.

“Come on. It was a little bit of time,’ Navarro turned back.

Tapper shot back: “I’m not sure that a deadly pandemic, where nearly 120,000 Americans are dead, this is really a good topic for a” light moment. “

But Navarro said the president is taking these deaths, ” quite seriously.’

Trump told a cheering crowd in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, upon his return to rally on Saturday night, he has directed his administration to slow down the tests for the coronavirus.

He said that the success in testing of capacity and availability is a “double edged sword” that has led to more cases being discovered than any other country, it is the production of reports.

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The white House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro claimed Sunday morning that Donald Trump was being tongue-in-cheek “when he said that he has told his people to “slow down” test artificially low U.S. coronavirus numbers


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