Trump administration sues to delay the publication of John Bolton memory


The Advantage of the directors sued the former national security adviser, John Bolton, Tuesday, to delay the publication of a book that the White House said that contains confidential information and is intended to paint an unflattering picture of the president, the foreign policy decision-making.The civil trial in Washington federal court, follows warnings from President Donald Trump, who Bolton could face a “criminal problem” if it does not stop the intention to publish the book, which is scheduled for release in the next week.

The complaint is the latest salvo in a contentious relationship between the Trumpet and the hawkish Bolton, who was abruptly forced out of the White House in January after several disagreements on issues of national security. He moves his rift in the court, where a judge will be asked to decide whether Bolton has short-circuited the necessary procedures to obtain his book on the market, something his lawyer has firmly denied.

His publisher, Simon & Schuster, called the trial ” nothing more than the latest in a long series of efforts by the administration to cancel publication of a book that he deems unflattering to the president. “It said in a statement Tuesday night that Bolton had worked with White House officials to address their concerns, and that he” fully supports his First Amendment right ” to tell her story.

The Department of Justice asked a federal court order Bolton to ” instruct or demand “, as his editor more than delay the publication of the work in order to allow for the completion of the national security review process and “retrieve and dispose” of copies existing in a manner acceptable to the government.

The Department of Justice is asking a federal court to grant him the rights of all incomes Bolton wins from the publication of the book.

In its lawsuit, the Justice Department argues that Bolton’s work meant that he was regularly in possession of some of the most sensitive classified information that exists in the government of the UNITED states. “The officials said Bolton manuscript was over 500 pages and was” in the throes of classified information, which he proposed to release to the world. “

The government threats have nothing to do with the protection of national security– Ben Wizner, American Civil Liberties Association

The book contained ” significant amounts of classified information that it has requested [Bolton] to remove it, ” the filing said.

“The united States does not seek to censor any legitimate aspect of the Defendant of the manuscript; it only seeks an order requiring Defendant to fill out the pre-publication review process and take all the necessary measures to ensure that only one manuscript which has been officially authorized by the process — and is therefore free of classified information — is disseminated publicly,” the lawsuit says.

Bolton book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoirwas supposed to be released in March. Its release date has been twice delayed and is now ready to be published next week.

“Bolton covers a range of topics, from chaos to the White House, of course, but also the evaluations of the major players, the president of the incompatible, dispersion process of decision-making, and its relations with allies and enemies, China, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Iran, the United Kingdom, France and Germany “, according to the publisher.

‘Doomed to failure’

According to a press release from the publisher, Bolton writes in the book that it is ” difficult to identify significant Trump decision in the course of my mandate that was not led by the re-election calculations. ”

The book has been highly anticipated for months, especially after news broke in the course of Trumpet of the impeachment trial that the manuscript offered a vivid account of the efforts of the president to refuse military aid to Ukraine in exchange for the country to help with investigations in Trump’s political rival Joe Biden. These allegations have formed the core of the impeachment case, which ended with the president of the Senate acquittal in February.

Bolton’s attorney, Chuck Cooper, did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment on the lawsuit. He has already said that he sent Bolton manuscript to the White House classification specialist Ellen Knight at the end of December and that Knight and Bolton has spent almost four months by the nearly 500-page book several times, ” often line by line. ”

According to the lawsuit, Knight completed its review at the end of April, and has determined that the manuscript contains no classified information. But at the beginning of the next month, Michael Ellis, a top National Security Council official, has begun a further review of the manuscript, and found classified information, the lawsuit said. The examination is still in progress at the beginning of this month, when the media revealed that Bolton had the intention to go forward with his book.

In a statement Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union, said the lawsuit is ” doomed to failure. “Ben Wizner, the director of the organization of speech, technology and privacy project, said the Supreme Court has rejected a half-century ago, the Nixon administration efforts to block the release of the Pentagon Papers, and said that it is well established that prior restraints on publication are unconstitutional.

“As usual, the government threats have nothing to do with the protection of national security, and everything to do with avoiding the scandal and the shame,” Wizner said.


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