Trump Administration Continues to Try to Delay the Publication of Bolton Book


Mr. Bolton grew up convinced that the pre-publication review was no longer on the level, if it ever was, after he agreed to make the changes that he has been asked to do, but the White House still has given no written confirmation of the review has been completed. The White House has now taken more time to examine the book of Mr. Bolton did write it after he resigned in September.

On Monday, Mr. Trump, has accused Mr. Bolton of breaching the policy on classified information by moving forward with the book. The president has also threatened Mr. Bolton, with criminal charges to go forward, even if there has been no indication that federal prosecutors plan to pursue any.

The Department of Justice has accused Mr Bolton in the trial of a leak the manuscript, which contains classified information without approval. The disclosure of classified information is a federal crime.

But in a further sign that the Ministry of Justice is not mounting a serious attempt to block the book’s release imminent, the complaint does not seek a temporary restraining order — a legal measure to freeze action, so that the court may assess litigation — to block any other distribution of copies, Richard Hasen, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, said on Twitter.

Mr. Trump is also faced with the prospect of unfavourable revelations of a forthcoming book on the other side. A niece of his, Mary Trump, plans to disclose damaging information about him in a book to be published next month, also by Simon & Schuster, the publisher said this week.

Mr. Bolton submitted the manuscript to the administration for review in January. At the time, the impeachment trial was in progress the question of whether Mr. Trump’s relationship with Ukraine was an abuse of power.

The democrats asked Mr. Bolton to testify voluntarily in the House of impeachment of the investigation, but he refused, and they have never sought a subpoena, fearing a long legal battle. Mr. Bolton never testified in the House of the procedure of the removal, cause the anger of the Democrats, but offered to testify in the Senate trial if a subpoena only to have the Republicans block such a request and, finally, the president was acquitted.


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