Trudeau government passes confidence test with support from New Democrats


Federal Liberal government avoid defeat with help from NDP on Wednesday as the two joined forces to pass a multibillion-dollar order to spend the bill in the House of Commons and avoid summer of the election.The result was considered fatal after the Liberals assured the New Democrats of support and their own survival – by extending Tuesday’s $ 2,000 a month in Canada from Emergency Response Benefit to eight weeks .

In return, the NDP supported the government in passing the additional spending estimates – some $ 87 billion in planned public spending, most of which is intended for the pandemic of support for Canadians and businesses.

Only about $ 6 billion actually involves new spending; the other $ 81 billion has already been approved by Parliament.

Because the Liberals hold only a minority of seats in the House of Commons, they need the support of at least one party to pass spending law or the risk of plunging the country into an election.

Any bill dealing with government spending is generally viewed as a matter of confidence. A government that fails to win a vote of confidence in the House of Commons is deemed rejected.

“Prime Minister says he has heard of us and is extending his support through LSC through summer,” NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said in a statement for the estimates pending approval.

“This is what we called in the short term. We will continue to work to make sure the help is there for the Canadians who need it the long term. “

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he decided to support the Liberal-spending bill after Trudeau’s extended LSC during the summer months. (Justin Tang / The Canadian Press)

Trudeau announced Tuesday that the LSC would be extended to a maximum of 24 weeks instead of 16 weeks for people who have lost their jobs or have had their hours reduced due to the pandemic.

The extension of the means of the first cohort of candidates who signed up to April and were put to their payment terms in early July will not have to worry if they do not have jobs to return during the summer or are unable to work for health reasons.

Promised to support people with disabilities still in limbo

Still, while the supplementary estimates have been approved – on division, which means with some opposition members but no vote record, there is still no resolution for emergency aid on bill that stalled last week that the government fell apart with opposition parties.

That the bill included measures to deliver a tax-free, one-time delivery benefit of up to $ 600 for Canadians with disabilities, an expansion
for the wage subsidy program and fines or prison terms for Canadians who deliberately defraud the CERB program.

The government needed unanimous consent to quickly pass the bill in a matter of hours last week, but none of the opposition parties will support it.

He then offered to deal with the disability benefit separately, which was taken care of by the NDP and the Bloc, but the Conservatives blocked that idea.

The bill stayed on the paper order form Wednesday, meaning the government could theoretically have tried again, but it was not in the cards.

Instead, the government will try to find other ways to provide disability benefits and other measures without the need for
of legislation.

Singh ejected, UN offer rejected

Approval of the supplementary estimates, followed by almost five hours of parliamentary debate which was preceded by Singh kicking out of the House of Commons for the call of a Racist Bloc Québécois MEMBERS on a NDP motion on systemic racism in the RCMP.

Watch | New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh calls racist BQ MP expelled from Commons

New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh called the Bloc Québécois MP Alain Therrien a “racist” and refused to withdraw the charge. The Bloc had stopped Singh’s movement on systemic racism in the RCMP from happening. 4:08

The debate coincided with the announcement that Canada had lost its offer to win a provisional seat on the United Nations Security Council, which prompted several sharp exchanges between the Conservatives and the Liberals on the cost of countryside.

The Prime Minister was not present at the proceedings, which marks the end of an unprecedented scale at the sitting which saw the House of Commons – like most of the rest of the country, but of the bus stop COVID-19.

Trudeau instead of left him to his ministers to respond to opposition questions and concerns, including the Conservative complain of a lack of transparency and accountability to the government in response to the pandemic.

The Conservatives and the Bloc had been calling for the resumption of the work of Parliament, rather than the special COVID-19 committee that had been holding hybrid hearings for the past few weeks with some MPs to attend in person and others virtually.

The Liberals announced on Wednesday that they will provide a “snapshot” of the country’s economy on July 8.


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