Troy Vincent said the NFL has always believed in Colin Kaepernick


The executive vice president of operations of NFL football, Troy Vincent, has always believed that Colin Kaepernick was sufficiently talented to continue to play in the NFL. Vincent is not the only member of the front office of the league to feel it either, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Vincent, aged 50, has appeared on the podcast Schefter on Monday. During the show, Vincent reveals that many members of the office of the league thought that Kaepernick had the talent to play in the NFL after 2016, but it was up to the teams to sign Kaepernick.

In its full response, Vincent ensures to note that the office of the league the NFL can not be held Kaepernick to work on the ground.

“We can’t hire. We do not hire or not. This will be a decision that will be taken by a head coach, a general manager and an owner. It is a decision of club. But this young man has enough talent to play in the national football League. I believed this in … 2016 or 17, and I still believe today. And has simply not had the opportunity to once more show his talents whether in camp or pre-season. It is still my position, it is the position of many of my colleagues, frankly, the position of the office of the commissioner. But we can’t hire.

“And once again, Adam, my comments that I just have been documented, in the folder, in front of a judge, about the work and effort that many of us were working in the name of the search for Colin to win a place. ”

would like Kaepernick to come back in 2020. “data-reactid =” 23 ” > The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has not gone too far with his comments Monday, but indicated that the league would like to see Kaepernick come back in 2020.

set up a workout for Kaepernick, which NFL quickly poorly managed. “data-reactid =” 24 ” > in view of the way the NFL has acted in regards to Kaepernick, it is difficult to hold completely Goodell and Vincent at his word. training for Kaepernick, the NFL has quickly poorly managed.

The fact that Goodell overtly pressure for Kaepernick seems to be a positive step, although it is also a reminder that Goodell could have done that much earlier. In choosing to be silent or not to solve the problem, Goodell has probably contributed to teams staying away from Kaepernick over the last two years.

After years of ignoring Kaepernick, it is worth asking whether the sudden change of heart of the league is in good faith. The league made it really pressure for Kaepernick sign now because it hurts to destroy his career, or the NFL does it just a victory of public relations?

While Kaepernick is on the tongue of all the leaders of the NFL, he is strangely silent. Kaepernick has clearly indicated that the return in the championship is his goal. But if Kaepernick think that the league is dishonest to give him another shot, he will have a difficult decision to make.


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