Trisha Goddard children have been trained on how to open the package in case they have bombs


TV presenter Trisha Goddard children had to be trained on how to open packages that could be bombs to live up to her fame.The Special Branch even gave Trisha a home safe when she lived in Norwich in the 1990s.

Mom of two Trisha, 62, who now lives in the United States, said: “We had a Special Branch to come to our house and teach our children how to open the packages in case there had a bomb.

“We also had safe places, which I used to tell them where they could go to Norwich.

“It was because of my color and not because of everything I said.”

Trisha with her two daughters in 2006

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Recalling both an armed unit turned up at her house, she told DJ Fat Tony the La Reprise podcast: “I was watching TV with my husband and there was all this commotion in the car, the headlights, the cops with bulletproof vests and army units around the house, knock on the door to ask if I was all right.

“I had to say” Yes I agree. “And then you are told why it happened and it is even more frightening than you were just watching TV.”

TV presenter says her kids were trained on how to open “bombs” when she became famous

And she revealed her daughters were the subject of sarcasm at school because of Leigh Francis’ impression of Trisha on Bo ’Selecta !.

She told BBC Newsnight Leigh of the cartoon with the “big lips” included “all the things the black kid was bullied about”.

Trisha with her ex-husband Peter

Francis has since apologized for usurping black celebrity identity and Channel 4 has removed Bo ’Selecta! from their archives.

Trisha added: “In his defense, he had a long phone conversation with my daughter, who told her what she went through. He was absolutely horrified. ”

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