Trevor Noah explains why Rayshard Brooks would not have had to die at the hands of the police


Comedian Trevor Noah has become not only a voice of comic relief in difficult times, but also a voice of thought and reason on social issues. As an immigrant to the United States of South Africa, Noah brings a unique perspective to the table, but it is his ability to focus on the truth at the heart of a problem that leads people to hear his social commentary.This week, Noah has published a video with some thoughts on the murder by police of Rayshard Brooks, a man from the Atlanta 27-year-old who fell asleep while he was drunk in his car in a drive-through service at Wendy s. According to CBS News, Brooks resisted arrest and took the Taser from an officer. As he fled, the police fired two bullets in the back. An officer involved in the incident was fired and another placed in the administrative department.

Noah describes what the surveillance video showed. He explained: “At the beginning, it seems that everything will be okay. The cops will talk to him as a person. They are not aggressive, they are not disrespectful, they are not wicked or anything . He is respectful. He calls them ” sir “, he does not deceive, he proposed to walk home. Everything is going well … ”

He continued: “And then in a moment, in a few seconds, each part of this story normal is transformed into an abnormal ending that we have known as of interactions with the police and the Black. “

Noah pointed out that the meeting had never needed to get to this point. Despite the fact that the story is messy – Brooks was drunk, and he resisted arrest and took the Taser from the policeman – the question remains, Why do we call the armed police in such a situation in the first place?

“Why the armed police attends to a man who sleeps in his car? “Asked Noah. “These are the questions we need to ask ourselves: why, why, why, why, why, why? Why the armed police, is she the first person to go to respond to someone who sleeps in his car, which is drunk? ”

Noah explained how the history could have or should have played, especially considering the fact that the man was drunk. The sober people in the situation are supposed to be those that can handle the situation in a responsible manner. He also spoke about the “if” unavoidable that arise whenever people talk about an incident of police brutality.

“If you don résistiez not arrest, so you would always be in life. Or if you flee not the cops, you would be still alive. Well, if you did not have a toy gun and that you were 12 years old in the middle of a park, so you would always have been in life. Well, you know what, if you were not wearing hooded sweater, you would have been still alive. If you hadn’t talked to the cops , you would have been still alive. If you were not to sleep in your bed as a black woman, you would always have been in life.

“There is a common thread beyond all the” if ” . ” he concludes. Watch the video here:

Why Rayshard Brooks he had to lose his life? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

The issues of Noah deserve to be explored. At what point are we basically what is the real objective of the police and whether or not the way we do it currently meets this goal?

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